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Your local hospice providers, churches, or senior centers often provide emotional support, education and counseling for family and caregivers. For more information you may click on the highlighted links.

Support GroupsHoly Redeemer Hospice

Caregivers can benefit greatly from meeting others in the same situation or stage of the hospice journey.

There are support groups for caregivers helping loved ones through various illnesses, such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, or ALS. Recognizing that grief is a unique experience, some support groups are designed to meet individualized needs of the bereaved. Examples of these specially focused groups are support during the holidays, children’s camps, men’s-only, widows, or widowers groups. Others find that practicing yoga, tai chi, or meditation can help with stress or grief. Special classes for hospice caregivers or family members are offered by hospices, churches, senior centers, and hospitals in most communities, and may be open to the public at large.

Holy Redeemer Hospice offers a number of support groups. For more information call 800.818.4747.

Respite Care

For patients in hospice, short-term respite care is available to provide caregivers a break from the day-to-day responsibilities of caring for a loved one.  Respite care may be provided in a dedicated hospice inpatient facility or in a contracted nursing facility in your service area, and is available for up to give consecutive days. Contact your hospice program to see if a respite program is available to you.

If you are caring for a Holy Redeemer Hospice patient, ask your hospice team about respite care. Holy Redeemer Hospice offers patients and caregivers respite at our inpatient hospice unit in Pennsylvania, where you can expect the same expert level of care from in-house staff as you would from our in-home team. Additionally, Holy Redeemer Hospice offers respite care to patients and their caregivers in contracted local facilities throughout our service area.

Counseling Center

Holy Redeemer HospiceYou may want to seek individual counseling to help you through this difficult time. For instance, the staff at the Holy Redeemer Counseling Center takes a holistic approach to care. The skilled, caring staff, comprised of licensed professional counselors, social workers and marriage and family therapists provide individual, family and group counseling. Day and evening appointments are available. Call 215-938-1130 or email a counselor for more information.

Additional resources for caregivers can be found at:  Web Resources, which offers numerous online sites related to hospice, and Useful Tools, which provides topical education materials that address some of the challenges and questions that caregivers may have.

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