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Introducing Caring with Confidence…

Hospice can be like a rail road track to destinations unknown

by Terre Mirsch

Many are called to work in hospice care through a personal or a professional event that transformed their lives and their careers. You can read the stories of my colleagues, Valerie, Patty, Ron, and Leanne, as they describe their calling to work in hospice care. My story is not quite as compelling. Young in my nursing career and with young children, I found myself needing a night shift job at a time when a position as a hospice worker in an inpatient facility presented itself. While I took the job as a matter of convenience, the journey that followed could not have been predicted and transcended all expectations of the rewards and, yes, the joys I would experience in my hospice career. I continued to work in hospice care for the next 23 years: as an inpatient nurse, a home visiting nurse, a clinical supervisor, and a director. Today, as the program administrator, I am responsible for the experience of nearly 500 hospice patients and their families each day.

ECaring with Confidencensuring an exceptional experience for all patients and families who are facing life limiting illness is my life’s calling, one that was inspired by the lessons and stories of those that allowed me the honor and privilege of caring for them. I remember Annie, who taught me the importance of listening to the hidden messages of the dying; I recall Harry who taught me the importance of living each day and the joy of family; and I will never forget Jimmy, who endured the pain and suffering of a disfiguring life limiting illness with dignity, strength, and determination. They, and many others, changed my life and I can only hope that I, as the program administrator, can provide you with the tools, stories, and resources to transform yours as you face the challenges and triumphs of caregiving.

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  1. Bonnie’s post is beautiful. I really appreciate hearing your story, Bonnie… and the link to your own blog, memory bear site. I hear from others who use the creative arts in grief work: pillows,quilts,bears. Every stitch, a reflection of remembrance and love. Would appreciate learning more about the process of it if you find time. Valerie

    January 8, 2012

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